NeoSite – Content Management System

NeoSite is a client/server application that leverages content management within a website. It promotes a good structuring of information and automates site maintenance. The system is designed for small to medium organizations. Basically, its users will be content authors and providers. If the information is well structured and has a high degree of granularity, then HTML knowledge is not required.
The system is not an integrated and independent solution for web site development, but rather a framework which is used to construct a unique solution based on site's specific requirements.
The system's motto is: A flexible system based on plugins that offers simple and usable interfaces for effective and efficient content management.


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We've implemented many web projects of various complexity and continue to develop web sites with NeoSite. The list below comprises our most representative works.

Technical Specifications

All parts of the system, except client application, were built using free software.
Front-End: client application. (Borland Delphi 7)
Back-End: server side scripts or mod_perl Apache handlers. (Apache + Perl)
Database: MySql


Human-computer interaction is achieved through interfaces. The more the interface is designed the more the user is satisfied. When an interface is well designed, the time needed to access the information decreases, and the user adapts much more quickly with the software.


Editing node properties (

Editing node properties (

Managing templates (we use Template Toolkit)

Related nodes (relationships are created via drag&drop)

Executing SQL scripts (useful when a lot of nodes need to be updated)

Inspecting loaded plugins a plugin is a DLL, that implements some commands

Monitoring the apache log files (the last N lines are fetched)

SQL Explorer (query results can be exported: xls, txt, csv)

Adding a node

Managing node types (xml documents that describe node look and feel)

FTP plugin (download/upload project files)

Video Presentations

Watch NeoSite video presentations to get an understanding of how it is used to manage a website. Videos are made based on the website.


The purpose of this page is to show you, by means of screenshots, that Content Management can be done not only through web interfaces. We think that web browser interface elements and possibilities are limited, compared to common applications.

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